Nicole Farhi: Folds is an exhibition of sculptures of intriguing female nudes presented at Beaux Arts London for the next two months. Known as the namesake and founder of the Nicole Farhi womenswear brand (from 1983 to 2011) Farhi left the fashion business to focus on sculpture. She has been involved in sculpture most of […] The post Nicole Farhi Left The Fashion Business To Focus On Sculpture appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
When is it ok to use a webbing halter instead of a rope halter? There is still a tendency for people to be scared of rope halters because " in the wrong hands they can hurt the horse". The truth is a flat webbing halter, or Creek halter ( the only place they do any good is the creek), causes far more damage by causing the horse to lean on pressure.. they end up continually dragging handlers around .. normally end needing a bigger bit because being dull to the halter causes dullness to the bridle. The other aspect is that Creek halters tend to have constant pressure even when they are not activated. Further dulling the horse to requests.. so the answer to the question about when is it ok to use webbing halters instead of rope halters? In my opinion.. never
 If you have the opportunity to build your dream house with views of Sydney Harbour, you are extremely lucky. A site at Kutti Beach in Vaucluse gave the owners the opportunity to realize their dream with views across Sydney Harbour to Middle Head and direct access to the Sydney Harbour foreshore. They selected Sydney-based architect […] The post Kutti Beach Residence, Vaucluse, Sydney, Australia appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Today is the day we are bringing the horses to their new home. And a few more surprises...
This video is condensed version of videos I took while starting a young appaloosa gelding under saddle. The geldings name is Alpha Eagles Bacharach. I was asked to start the process of his development, and work riders at Alpha Stud will continue his development. He will be available for sale at any point during his development. I decided to do a voice over of this video to give some insight into our process. People often expect too much of a young horse, and this gets them worried, and often makes things go terribly wrong. Fixing what went wrong often takes far longer than taking the necessary time from the start.
Creating the perfect equine photo shoot is hard work, it takes preparation and determination and even with the best intentions it can still be difficult to create that ultimate experience for your clients. In this webinar Emily will go through the processes to implement the perfect equine shoot, looking at […]
Camargue horses are used to manage the feral black cattle herds in the salty marshes of the Rhône River Delta as it enters the Mediterranean Sea, says Dr Mac.
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The revival and re-invention of old-style indoor public markets continues. We are seeing more open-plan spaces with stalls selling fresh food and crafts, small restaurants, multiple eating areas, long tables and the intoxicating mix of smells, sights and sounds. Clearly, the shopping-mall food court or the neon-lit grocery store food counter are not the types […] The post Merkato, Valencia, Spain appeared first on The Cool Hunter.

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