Lipizzaners, well known for their high-level dressage displays, originated more than four centuries ago. However, the breed continues to amaze, says Dr Mac.
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An invaluable piece of tack The headcollar/halter is a vital piece of equipment/tack when it comes to horses. It is useful for working with horses… The post The headcollar/halter appeared first on HQ Magazine.
A common stable vice The unnatural conditions in which the domesticated horse is kept today, can lead to a variety of abnormal behaviour patterns called… The post Box-walking appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Who’s the leader? By Jessi Louw Horses are social animals and the herd in which they stand not only influences the way they communicate with… The post Herd dynamics appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Kristen is looking for her forever friend. I think she may have found him. Social Media: Instagram: horsefriendsyt Twitter: horsefriends_yt Western Cape Equine Trust:
The right approach can give you the competitive edge Text: Mandy Schroder We all work hard at our riding, often with the goal of competing.… The post Nerves of steel appeared first on HQ Magazine.
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Are they for you? Text: Mandy Schroder Whips and spurs fall into the category of artificial aids; they are simply there to refine the aids… The post Whips and spurs appeared first on HQ Magazine.
After operating a pop-up in Downtown Los Angeles’ Art District’s Row DTLA for a while, chocolatier Christine Sull Sarioz opened her first Milla Chocolates store this fall at 9414 Venice Boulevard in Culver City, California. Sarioz’s background in the New York art world at Sotheby’s and The Whitney shows in the visual perfection of the […] The post Milla Chocolates, Culver City, L.A – California appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
‘The Simple Life’ by Karen Cantuq from Mexico is a wonderful and mockingly playful composition incongruously placing a posing Astronaut in a monochromatic and featureless field with two sheep sitting impassively in this otherworldly figure’s presence. The complexity of the spaceman’s gear, built to sustain life in the most hostile environment imaginable to humans, set against […] The post The Simple Life – Karen Cantuq appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
The voice aid Of all the ‘auxiliary’ aids the voice is the most commonly used. Many trainers would in fact argue that the voice is… The post Sounding off appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Is your horse happy or hurting? Text: Charlotte Bastiaanse The truth is that bit and bridle combinations can cause a horse discomfort – particularly when… The post Fit the bit appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Heartbreakingly, the historic Clydesdale horse breed is under threat of extinction. The Clydesdale originated from Scotland and was first used as an agriculture horse. Today,… The post The Clydesdale in South Africa appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Ancient roots Text: Brigitte Billings Native to the British Isles, the Exmoor Pony has ancient roots in the area – fossil remains of ponies have… The post The Exmoor Pony appeared first on HQ Magazine.
For those of us more comfortable in minimalist settings, a richly ornate interior can quickly seem like a blur. Just too much of everything. Yet, we also love restorations, sensitive and intelligent repurposing of spaces and buildings that have their own intriguing histories and possess that elusive patina that is impossible to fake or create […] The post Beefbar – Paris appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Milanese artist is known for his photorealistic pen-and-ink drawings of pop-culture icons and familiar objects. His latest creations, however, are breathtaking large-format (151cm x 101cm) images of bird wings, one white and one black. Together, the large image format, the granular paper and the stunning pen-work produce an effect of incredible power and strength. The […] The post Wing Pen Drawings by Alessandro Paglia appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
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By Zaneta Georgiades In the Straightness Training (ST) programme, one of our favourite mottos is ‘ST is for the horse, the horse is not for… The post Straightness Training appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Text by Deborah Ann Buchan The Rocky Mountain Horse breed originated in the late 1800s in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky… The post The Rocky Mountain Horse appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Some clips of the new yard some of the riders moved to. Social Media: Instagram: horsefriendsyt Twitter: horsefriends_yt
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More people ride her. Progress! Social Media: Twitter: horsefriends_yt Instagram: horsefriendsyt
A guideline to finding the best fit Text: Charlotte Bastiaanse Photography: Tack ‘n Togs, Kreuz Galopp The noseband is a conventional piece of tack that… The post Know your nosebands appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Is there anything more basic, homey and familiar than a loaf of great bread? Yet it has become a luxury. More and more of us are sick of (literally and figuratively) the white, never-to-stale sliced bread in its never-to-biodegrade plastic bag. We crave for fresh artisanal breads, natural ingredients, heritage grains, organic everything. Those who […] The post The Rise of The Designer Bakery appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Using light to optimise health and breeding cycles Text: By Charlotte Bastiaanse Ever wondered why foals are born during the summer? Horses are seasonal breeding… The post Let there be light appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Skin and coat care for your horse in summer Text by Mandy Schroder We all love to have sleek, shiny and healthy-looking horses. However, South… The post Burning up? appeared first on HQ Magazine.
The American Quarter Horse is an American breed of horse who excels at sprinting short distances. His name came from his ability to out-run other… The post How did the Quarter Horse get his name? appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Continuing their cooperation with Parisian architect Joseph Dirand, restaurateurs Gilles Malafosse and Laurent Geurcoff have opened their Girafe seafood restaurant in Paris. It is located at 1 Place du Trocadero, Palais de Chaillot, with a terrace overlooking the Champs de Mars with views of the Eiffel tower. Girafe is accessed through the Cité de l’Architecture […] The post Girafe Restaurant Designed by Joseph Dirand, Paris, France appeared first on The Cool Hunter.

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