This sublime residence is located above the luxurious Benguela Cove Wine Estate in the Overberg region of the Western Cape in South Africa. The house overlooks the Bot River Lagoon and the Overberg mountains. The site is 1,610 square-metres (0.4 acres) in size with the house occupying 423 square metres (4,553 sq.ft). The project is
By Caroline Malan Team Nissan Team Captain and Show Jumper Barry Taylor is pleased with his year to date as all bodes well for a solid SA Derby performance come September 2018. You’re currently ranked number 4 in SA in 2018. Tell us about your year to date and why it’s all gone so well?
Marlene Sinclair on Camaro. Photo credit: TB images By Caroline Malan You’re currently ranked number 2 on Camaro – tell us why you’re having such a fantastic year? Camaro is one of the greatest horses I’ve ever had the privilege to have as a partner. He is a true gentleman and a great athlete, with
By Sarah Ward A Dressage Clinic was held on 20th/21st/22nd/23rd July, 2018, at four different venues in Gaborone. The venues chosen were Herbie’s Haven Stables and Havenspride Stud, Penndragon Equestrian Centre, Stone Ridge Stables  and Notwane Equestrian Centre. All the arenas were raked and watered and were in excellent condition for Andrea’s much anticipated arrival.
A look at this exceptional breed and what they are used for. The horse South Africa made.
Warning – ALWAYS wear a helmet when mounted By Ryan Sander The SA Derby course was originally designed by Pam Carruthers in 1965. She was at that time a world renowned course designer. The Derby first took place at the Inanda show grounds in Sandton, and remained there until the late ‘90s when it was
Arches and rounded corners, shiny brass, pink velvet upholstery, black marble – these are ingredients we have seen in numerous projects before. But it is always a delight when a concept that is characterised by that elusive mix of old-school opulence and trendy modern touches actually works. Such is the case with ORO Tiramisu café
Ravel training Ochaby Poland CDI*** July 2018
11/05/2018 Summerhouse FEI PSGSQ 68.03%
Is Mia Yoga in Moscow the beginning of a new minty-green period for Harry Nuriev, the reigning monarch of Instagrammable design?  Indeed, we are all drawn to the New York and Moscow-based artist, designer and architect’s ever-changing colour preferences and bold choices. Individual pieces of furniture, architectural environments, and most recently, even fashion. It seems that
Megan teaches us some basic liberty skills. Social Media: Instagram: horsefriendsyt Twitter: horsefrends_yt
Arabians and American Quarter Horses have the agility and skill to be used for cutting cattle out of a herd. The practice is as fascinating to watch as a Border collie working sheep. The American Quarter Horse Association describes cutting as a “battle of wills between a horse and a cow”. Cutting horse competitions are
By combining truffles, minimalistic restaurant design and nature, architects Mariana Garcia Oliveira and Filipi Oliveira created a beautiful pop-up restaurant at CARACOR 2018 for Tartuferia San Paolo in Brazil. The 60-seat, 200-square meter (2,152 sq.ft) temporary restaurant has all of the characteristics of considered, minimalist design, yet it also has a distinctly lush, rich feel.
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SA Boerperd Stallion – Langsig Hoogmoed
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