The June/July issue includes new trends in equestrian weddings, an inside look at show jumper Alison Robitaille's home, and the Gochmans.
The horses receive a diverse education, making for a well-rounded athlete In the last article we gave you some insight into our preparatory work between auctions. Here, we provide more detail regarding exactly what is entailed. The auction is a team commitment. There are no specific individuals who stand out. From the car guard on
A stride is measured from the place where one leg hits the ground to where it hits the ground again at any pace. When a horse jumps a single pole, it theoretically takes off half a stride before the jump and lands half a stride after the jump. Jumping courses are designed with this 3,66m
Getting the basics done first.
Falling off is not easy. I had to re-upload because of music issues. Sorry. But here it is.
In the issue of 17 January 2016, this column described the types of internal parasites seen in horses, and the most effective treatment methods. Amongst these was a regular worm egg count. READ Are worms troubling your horse? Since then, this method has proved to be even more effective than anticipated on two farms where
Here's her story.
I believe Bold and I would be good sponsors because I believe in hard work and dedication to achieve my goals, I throw my heart over a jump before we jump it, I give my all in my sport but my horse's health, comfort and general well-being will always come first and I believe any
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Highlights of The World's Open Air Saddlebred Championship Show held in Bloemfontein 2018

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