This Tuli Horse Riding Safari in Botswana, is a true African trail riding adventure, returning to the joys of travelling in the style of Africa’s original pioneers. This ‘Land of Giants’, well known for its baobab studded plains and large herds of elephant, is situated in some truly wild landscapes largely untouched by man. The
My new horse Minimus AKA Mini 💖 Me trying her out, her arriving and our first lesson together ! 😁Like and subscribe for more videos Iike this one ! Music: Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit 🌄
If your horse requires emergency treatment, your first action should be to phone your vet. The second should be to ask him or her what you can do to help your horse in the meantime. Most emergencies fall into the following categories: wounds that need stitching or are bleeding severely, injuries and fractures, colic, and
A tendon is a band of fibrous tissue that binds muscle to bone. Several bands of fibrous tissue are enclosed in a synovial tendon sheath and the contraction and extension of the tendon within this sheath is facilitated by synovial (lubricating) fluid. There are two types of tendons in a horse’s leg: those that pull
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