Training for next training show on Bold One. With pictures from the show afterwards 😁💙😱

Tack and equipment purchases, travel expenses, and show bills can really add up. Photo: Alexandra Beckstett One of my joys of horse ownership is the thrill of competition: Setting goals and achieving them, always aiming for that perfect trip, and

Use this diagram as a guideline to build a componst bin.. Photo: Illustration by Elizabeth Clark Spring is a great time to make plans for building your new manure composting bins! Composting is my favorite manure management technique – it

There are countless hoof products and practices—both verifiable and unverifiable—out there that the author says have become more popular due to salesmanship rather than evidence. Photo: Erica Larson "Evidence-based” is recent buzzphrase that is

This video is about Let's Win Round 2 SA Outdoor GP 2015 ridden by Samantha McIntosh

This video is about Let's Win jump-off in the Nissan South Afrrican Outdoor Grand Prix - 2015, ridden by Samantha McIntosh.

Jack (at left) just minutes after moving in with Atty, his first roommate in several years. Now that's a happy horse! Photo: Michelle Anderson A year ago I was ready to give up on my Quarter Horse gelding, Jack. But, first, it’s important to note

That neat idea I had eight years and thousands of dollars ago is only now paying off with what I originally set out to produce: My next show hunter. Photo: Alexandra Beckstett While I was interviewing theriogenologists Drs. Ben Espy (DVM, Dipl. ACT)

The EDCC will provide accurate information and real-time alerts when disease outbreaks occur. Photo: Kevin Thompson/ In 2010 the American Horse Council (AHC) and the USDA initiated creation of the National Equine Health Plan to improve

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