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SANESA Prix Caprilli Test 2


Sasha Sanesa Gauteng Finals 4th

Sasha in dressage 4th place Gauteng Finals

My first SANESA on my new pony

My first SANESA and friends on my new pony, Fabergé.

SANESA Q2 2016

SANESA Q2 90cm Competition on Jackabee

SANESA 70cm Ideal Time


Sasha & Cameo Sanesa 2 2016 Feb

Sasha & Cameo Sanesa 2016 2nd video

Razdi Lollypop and Alexa Anniciello

Sanesa Qualifier 1 Equitation 1M Instagram: @aanniciello Twitter: @aanniciello

South Africa SANESA Regionals


GoPro | Horse Riding competition

That was a SANESA competition❤️ South African National Equestrian Associations I jumped 70cm

Kyla Devi Sanesa Q3 2014 2


SANESA Schools with Misty Skies

Qualifier 2, Shongweni Club Durban. This video is of the first day - 14 March 2015, at SANESA with

SANESA Schools, Day 2

Showjumping Phase, i knocked 2 and had 1 time fault. I was so proud of Moon as she has never jumped

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