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Nicole Phillips Commercial Photographer

The Perfect Horse Gift
Peek into The History of Horse Blankets

Horse Blankets - Part 2

Continuing our series on horse blankets, for Part 1 A Peek into the History of Horse Blankets, see here.

Caring for Baby Horsies: Caring for your Fouls

There's amazing excitement in the air when you have little ones that enter your life or that of your animal.  If you're caring for fouls, it's a very important part of raising horses and it's something you should know a lot about right from the start. 
South Africa Equestrian Federation
South African Riding for the Disabled Association

Showjumping South Africa - jump off 2nd place

Showjumping South Africa Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm Igna Dergent & Cheerleader Jump off 2nd place

Showjumping South Africa - 5y mare

Showjumping South Africa 5y old mare Capital Riesling - Capital Stud Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm

Bit vs Bitless

When it comes to the welfare of the horse, riders and trainers do their best to ensure that the horse is not subject to pain under saddle. One of the most common debates is about training horses to be ridden with a bit and training them to be ridden without a bit. There are many advantages to both methods. For certain situations, a bit may be more efficient than not using one. In other situations, riding without a bit may be more comfortable to the horse than using a bit. It depends on the situation, the training level of the horse, the rider’s abilities, and the goals that you are trying to achieve with your horse as to which method will work best.  


Appaloosa Horses from KONDOS APPALOOSA STUD Owner: George Contos, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

Show Jumping - The National Champion

Maarten Slabber the National champion in his division in show jumping shows us just what it takes to

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